Lošadinaja Sila

Lošadinaja Sila
LOŠADINAJA SILA - created especially gentle and well-groomed hair care!
Lošadinaja Sila known for effective hair care series, which became the basis of many years of experience and knowledge in developing measures of horse hair care with a coat and mane in structure is softer than a human hair. Innovative technology and knowledge through was perfected and created a unique cosmetic formula that is designed to effectively human hair. 
Brand is enriched with innovative ingredients and takes care of your hair, body and nail care.
Hair Care
Lošadinaja Sila hair care, enriched with innovative components, collagen, keratin, lanolin, vitamins, biotin, has restorering and boost performance.
Body Care
Lošadinaja Sila brand range includes personal care that is characterized by nutritional, softening, analgesic properties.
Nail Care
Lošadinaja Sila Nail care products that are rich in vitamins, biotin, chitosan, strengthens nails, protects against breakage, returns a healthy look.
Delight surrounding healthy, strong and shiny hair!
Use Lošadinaja Sila cosmetics and become a star!