Fresh Spa

Fresh Spa

FRESH SPA by NATURA SIBERICA is a luxury collection of skin and hair care products based on natural ingredients. The greatest potential of Siberian and Russian Far East wild nature is delivered by the most up-to-date innovations applied. Active organic extracts and pure oils of the Siberian plants, obtained thanks to high-technology processing, has become the source of energy to make your skin and hair young and beautiful. The formulation contains unique and highly effective natural components.

Enjoy the miraculous strength and energy of wild nature at home or at a professional SPA while using melting textures, enveloping aromas and effective organic compositions.

FRESH SPA by NATURA SIBERICA collection is represented by the lines:

  • BANIA DETOX - based on Siberian plants composition.

RUSSIAN BANIA DETOX – a collection of superb hair and body care products, specially tailored to provide deep cleansing and refinement. As a joyful bonus these products provide not only genuine pleasure to your body but to the soul as well, leaving you with a feel of relaxation and comfort.

Bathe and enjoy some extra minutes of rest, filling your body and mind with lightness, refreshment and harmony. Miraculous Siberian plants in the base of these products have unique stimulating effect and generously share their energy to enhance your beauty and youth.

  • IMPERIAL CAVIAR - based on black caviar extract.

Black caviar extract is a luxurious and highly effective cosmetic ingredient. Being rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, it has moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing and protective qualities, all of which help reverse skin ageing processes. Imperial Caviar line products, based on black caviar extract and wild harvested Siberian herbs, are created to provide you with extraordinary everyday care, actively rejuvenate and fill your skin and hair with vital energy. 

  • KAM-CHAT-KA - based on thermal springs minerals and Kamchatka plants composition.

KAM-CHAT-KA Kamchatka is one of those rare places where you can still find wild authentic nature. This is a unique world of everlasting snow and hot springs, transparent rivers and smoking volcanoes. Ground waters are rich in lots of useful substances. They nourish plants giving them power and strength. Cosmetic products of the line KAM-CHAT-KA, based on these plants, have unbelievable reviving effect and provide visible result when used daily as skin and hair care.