Spa effect and true pleasure of taking care of yourself!

Dizao face masks are a natural alternative to professional spa treatments and other premium skin care products as they help to achieve the spa effect in 5 minutes! Wholesome, relaxing and incredibly pleasant face mask application routine submerges you into a serene spa atmosphere without having to leave your home!

Each Dizao face mask treatment is designed to address individual skin care needs, and their effectiveness comes very close to a professional spa treatment. For the first time skin care is both so effective … And so pleasant!

Dizao face masks consist of 99.6% natural ingredients – rare plants extracts, oils, vitamins, plant collagen and plant hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are incredibly effective in treating the skin, whilst maintaining it’s  natural balance.

Dizao face masks are easily and comfortably applied – base tissue allows for an even active ingredient distribution, mild composition and relaxing scent ensure pure bliss!

Dizao face masks can be used even on the most sensitive skin and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Spa-effect in no time – effective skin care for face and around the eye area + 99,6% natural plant extracts + pleasurable application.