Burdock root oil - natural hair care oil and traditional hair loss prevention treatment!

Burdock (Arctium Lappa) has been a favorite medicinal herb for centuries. Burdock root oil extract, also called Bur oil, is used to promote healthy hair, to help relieve scalp irritation and improve scalp conditions. It is a natural hair oil applied to get rid of scalp itching, redness and dandruff, improve hair strength, shine and body. Traditionally Burdock root oil has been used to reduce and reverse hair thinning. Modern studies indicate that Burdock root oil extract is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids, the nutrients required to maintain a healthy scalp and promote natural hair growth. It combines an immediate relieving effect with nutritional support of normal functions of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Regular use of Burdock oil helps restore and maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

Burdock root oil - is a natural oil, without any colorants, perfumes, and easy to wash.

"Mirrolla" oils specialities:

  • Nourish and strengtens hair roots;
  • Repair hair structure;
  • Regulates scalp sebaceous glands;
  • Eliminate hair loss;
  • Hair become briliance;
  • Eliminate dandruff;
  • Stimulate hair growth;
  • Moisturize scalp and hair.