Banka Agafji

Banka Agafji

These products have been created specifically far use in Saunas and steam rooms.

The secrets of Russian Bath have been handed down from generation to generation. However with today’s modern technology we have gathered all of Siberia’s secrets and have produced 60 products which are available to you.

Essential oils and infusions consisting of natural products work flat out to enhance your Sauna experience.

Benefits of using our products are that:

  • 15 products are specific for use in steam rooms
  • All products include natural ingredients
  • All organic and natural oils are certified
  • Environmentally friendly plants, berries and flowers are hard picked in the region of Khakassia
  • Curative ingredients are delivered from Siberia, the Far East and Khakassia
  • 20 products are 100 % natural
  • No product contains SLS, parabens, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances.
  • The wide range of products is available in compact packaging of 100 ml which has been specifically designed
  • Each package contains the secrets of the Russian bath in recipes from Grandmother Agafya