Botanica have been successfully producing eternal and vegetable oils for over 7 years.

The Botanica Company was founded by a group of professional experts in the field of aromatherapy. We offer a wide range of products such as essential oils and related products. All our clients are viewed as our partners. Botanica use only raw materials which are covered by European and World Quality Standards (ISO 9001).

The main product value is that all products are 100% natural.

If you have few Botanica products in your cosmetic collection you are able to blend them with other products to create your own specific formula.

Natural Essential Oils

These oils are light ant transparent with the scent of the plant which they are extracted from.

Essential oils will be found in liquid form. These are used in aromatic baths, to make deep and gentle massage or to make rooms more aromatic.

Natural Fat Oils

These oils are the cold pressed extracts from seeds, nut kernels and the palm of fruits. Natural fat oils will take the form of a more solid creamy or butter consistency.