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Differences between natural and organic cosmetics?

Trend of being organic and natural is becoming extremely popular across the world. People start to consider what is safe and healthy for them. Sales of all products with the mark of being natural and organic started to grow dramatically. So as products labels Organic or Natural will always grab more attention than any other regular product. And this falls under cosmetic sphere as well.

So what does it mean being organic and natural? What are the differences between them and what advantages do they bring to us?

How to fight with hair loss?

It is common to associate hair loss with males, as men is more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness, but today this problem can be found in females lives. Reasons can range from the simple and temporary—a vitamin deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

There is an old adage that says ‘a woman’s hair is her glory,’ and for many contemporary women, this adage still rings true. Beyond the aesthetic value that beautiful locks can add to a woman’s appearance, it can speak volumes about her overall health. Your hair can show tell tale signs of problems happening within. When the body is facing crises it can lead to a stunted hair growth to give your body room to direct energy to other parts of the body. This is why the issue of hair loss shouldn’t be taken lightly or left up to topical products.

Sea buckthorn for hair health

One of our most important physical features is our hair.  Our hair follows us through the generations and directly affects our self-esteem and overall happiness. We’ve found many testimonials of people who enjoy using Sea Buckthorn to soothe the skin and encourage healthy hair growth. Now more than a few cosmetics companies are incorporating the fruit into hair oils, conditioners and shampoos claiming that it conditions and protects, leaving hair silky and strong, also detangling, shining and smoothing even the most damaged hair.  Let’s examine why this superfood is currently in high demand in the hair care industry.

Natural oils

Natūralūs augaliniai aliejai yra nepakeičiami prižiūrint bei puoselėjant odą. Aliejai dar turi daug natūralių, taip vadinamų antrinių augalinių medžiagų, kurios natūraliai atgaivina odą ir padeda jai išlikti sveikai bei apsaugo ją nuo išorinės ir vidinės įtakos.


What is eco?

Šiandien vis daugiau ir daugiau žmonių pirmenybę teikia natūraliems, ekologiškiems produktams, kuriuose nėra sintetinių ir cheminių ingredientų. Tad nenuostabu, kad gamintojai orientuojasi į natūralių ir ekologiškų produktų kūrimą. Tačiau labai daug gamintojų pastaruoju metu piktnaudžiauja ekologiškumu ir tapatina terminus „natūralus“, „ekologiškas“, ko neturėtų būti.